The second edition of the Berwick New Cinema Competition features resolutely contemporary films that transgress restraints of genre, capital and expectation. 

A drive towards liveness and agency provides a critical framework for selections. 

Works featured

Non alignés (Fatim Diop)

Aurélien Froment

Fri 22/09
20:30 - 21:36 (6 mins)

Love Before Bond

Sung Hwan Kim

Fri 22/09
20:30 - 21:36 (26 mins)

7FF on¢idia


Fri 22/09
20:30 (8 mins)

The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayakawa

Ane Hjort Guttu & Daisuke Kosugi

Fri 22/09
20:30 (25 mins)