Part of the Berwick New Cinema: Balearic Abyssal screening

'Angélica needs to change her lock.' Offering shelter from the storm, this is a film for precarious times. Gustavo Vinagre Alves' films succeed where many fail, allowing the full complexity of politics, art and artifice to synthesise and synergise through deceptively straightforward narrative and documentary forms. Flying in the face of tragedy and hypocrisy, Filme-catástrofe is erotically charged and full of love.

Gustavo Vinagre Alves
Fri 22/09
15:45 - 17:15
19 mins
The Maltings Henry Travers Studio

About Gustavo Vinagre Alves

Gustavo Vinagre is a brazilian filmmaker. Studied cinema in Cuba (EICTV), and is totally against the coup d'etat that took place in Brazil last year, and it is still taking place by several harms to the human rights, working class rights, the artistic class and the Amazon rainforest. His shorts "Film for a blind poet" and "Nova Dubai" were both released at Rotterdam Film Festival.

Selected filmography

Cachorro (2017), Os cuidados que se tem com o cuidado que os outros devem ter consigo mesmos (2016), Mãos que curam (2016), Chutes (2015), Nova Dubai (2014), La llamada (2013), Filme para poeta cego (2012), Dykeland (2009)