10 October ‘18

Crowtrap by Callum Hill wins the 2018 Berwick New Cinema Award

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival is delighted to announce that Callum Hill is the recipient of the 2018 Berwick New Cinema Award.

Crowtrap was one of 14 films featured in the 2018 competition programme. It weaves together the lives of two men, drawing upon their individual dealings with fire to expand across themes such as pyromania, anarchy, radicalism and enlightenment.

The Berwick New Cinema Award was designed by Glasgow-based ceramicist Mariella Verkerk and includes a £1000 award generously supported by Outset Scotland.

In announcing the award at the Festival's closing ceremony, the jury of Sky Hopinka, Sonali Joshi and Gail Pickering stated that:

Crowtrap by Callum Hill elegantly weaves together personal and national narratives, carrying us along a journey through a quiet fury of voice. Reflecting on the melancholy of bearing witness and remembering, it raises questions of where do we go now, and what does the idea of we even mean. The image and the voice are strands layered tightly yet float freely through deft cinematography and editing. There is something fresh, and familiar about this film.

On the competition announcement the director of Outset Scotland, Dr Kirstie Skinner stated that:

As a community of art supporters committed to new voices and experimentation, Outset Scotland was very proud to support BFMAF’s New Cinema Award in 2018. From an array of distinctive artists’ films drawn from around the world, we were delighted that Callum Hill’s complex and affecting work, Crowtrap, was selected by the jury as a worthy winner.

On receiving the Berwick New Cinema Award 2018, Callum Hill commented:

I am incredibly honoured to have premiered Crowtrap at Berwick and to have won the New Cinema award is in all honesty beyond my comprehension. Words seem inadequate.

The making of Crowtrap was not an easy pursuit, so much personal frustration fragmented into visual rumination I feared that it would not be understood when all along I was trying to create a work that would be emotionally universal. Winning this award has given me some humble confidence that perhaps I was able to create a work that resonates with society and the chaotic drift of our political and psychological selves.

A warm thank you to the jury, those who attended the festival and everyone behind the scenes that make Berwick such an intimate and special platform for artist and filmmakers.

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