26 September ‘17

Dislocation Blues wins the 2017 Berwick New Cinema Award

The 2017 Berwick New Cinema Award winner is Dislocation Blues by Sky Hopinka.

In announcing the award at the Festival's closing ceremony, the jury of Amal Khalaf, Camilo Restrepo and Joanna Rysynska stated that:

"Dislocation Blues is a work that is a witness and a participant to centuries of struggle. An imperfect document of renewed hope, it performs the complexity of memory; a rite of passage both deeply personal and vital, for the promise of community.

We are all participants if we choose to act and to make use of our actions, regardless of our doubts our fears and our questions"

Dislocation Blues is a portrait of reflections from Standing Rock and the Dakota Access pipeline protest camp.


On receiving the Berwick New Cinema Award 2017, Sky Hopinka commented:

"Imperfect and incomplete is the easiest way I could think of to describe this video, but it also serves as a proposition. A proposition for the viewer, the audience, myself, to question what participation looks like and has the possibility to become. I was grateful for the inclusion of Dislocation Blues in this bright and exciting festival, and then I was honored and humbled to have the film receive an award from such an esteemed jury. More than anything I'm grateful for this audience in Berwick-upon Tweed to agree to bear witness to such a small slice of this struggle, and hopefully the empathetic gesture of viewership swells to something more in this time when so much more is needed. Pinagigi, hayu masi."

Dislocation Blues received its European Premiere in Berwick having previously shown at the Whitney Biennial, New York, 2017 and Toronto International Film Festival's Wavelengths. Sky Hopinka's previous video Visions of an Island was exhibited at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival in 2016. Sky is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin, and is based in Milwaukee, United States.

Sky Hopinka was awarded £750 and a trophy designed by Glasgow-based ceramicist Mariella Verkerk.

The Berwick New Cinema Competition is researched and selected by Letitia Calin, Ben Pointeker, Herb Shellenberger, Peter Taylor and Chloe Thorne.

Many congratulations to Sky and all of the nominated filmmakers:

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Camera Threat ∙ Bernd Lützeler ∙ India / Germany ∙ 2017 ∙ UK Premiere
Death of a Soundman ∙ Sorayos Prapapan ∙ Thailand ∙ 2017 ∙ UK Premiere
Delphi Falls ∙ Mary Helena Clark ∙ USA ∙ 2017 ∙ International Premiere
Disaster Film ∙ Gustavo Vinagre Alves ∙ Brazil ∙ 2017 ∙ International Premiere
Disintegration ’93–’96 ∙ Miko Revereza ∙ Philippines / USA ∙ 2017 ∙ UK Premiere
Dislocation Blues ∙ Sky Hopinka ∙ USA ∙ 2017 ∙ European Premiere
High Cities of Bone ∙ João Salaviza ∙ Portugal / Brazil ∙ 2017 ∙UK Premiere
Junkanoo Talk ∙ Rhea Stor ∙ UK ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
Love Before Bond ∙ Sung Hwan Kim ∙ South Korea ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
Non alignés (Fatim Diop) ∙ Aurélien Froment ∙ France ∙ Senegal ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
Oumoun ∙ Fairuz & El Moïz Ghammam ∙ 2017 ∙ International Premiere
Parable of the Return ∙ Juan Soto ∙ UK / Columbia ∙ 2017 ∙ UK Premiere
SOTD (Strangely Ordinary This Devotion) ∙ Dani Leventhal & Sheilah Wilson ∙ USA ∙ 2017 ∙European Premiere
Song X ∙ Mont Tesprateep ∙ Thailand ∙ 2017 ∙ UK Premiere
Stand in the Stream ∙ Stanya Kahn ∙ USA ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayakawa ∙ Ane Hjort Guttu, Daisuke Kosugi ∙ Norway / South Korea ∙ 2017 ∙ UK Premiere
The Zombie Diaries ∙ Corin Sworn ∙ UK / Canada ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
WHAT’S THE DAMAGE ∙ Heather Phillipson ∙ UK ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
Weed Killer ∙ Patrick Staff ∙UK / USA ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
Year 2017 ∙ Wojciech Bąkowski ∙ Poland ∙ 2017 ∙ World Premiere
You Are Seeing Things ∙ Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca ∙ Brazil ∙ 2017 ∙UK Premiere

Full details of the Berwick New Cinema Programme can be viewed here.

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