Welcome to an overview of BFMAF 2018's exhibitions where artists presented new moving image work all around Berwick-upon-Tweed, taking over historic buildings, empty shops and hidden corners of the town.

Exhibition 18 Hide Hill (3 mins)

Carrs Down South

Kevin Jerome Everson

Carrs Down South presents three generations of the Carr family waxing poetically about living and working in Salisbury, North Carolina. Kevin Jerome Everson's brief portrait interrogates ideas of ambition, history and legacy.

Exhibition Charlie's (18 mins)


Patrick Staff

Bathing explores themes of contamination, cleanliness, and debility through performance and dance. The work draws on Staff’s research into the classical figure of the bather, chemical effects, drunken revelry, and the spiritello figures that commonly adorn European fountains. The performer’s continuous actions and gestures eventually lead to overexertion of the body. A fluid cross-contamination between substance, performer, and image occurs, bringing to mind the ways in which bodies absorb and release chemicals, hormones, and other agents—a means of survival for some and potentially lethal for others.

Exhibition Town Hall Council Chamber (25 mins)

How Does an Invisible Boy Disappear?

Rehana Zaman

How Does an Invisible Boy Disappear? emerges from a nine-month collaboration with Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers, a new women's film collective made up of young women from a Somali & Pakistani background. The film documents the group as they work together to create a thriller focusing on a teenage girl's attempt to find a missing local boy. Comprised of candid footage captured during the workshop process, behind the scenes filming and archive footage of anti-racist organising in the aftermath of the Toxteth race riots, the film questions how modes of representation and societal structures are gendered and racialised.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2018

Exhibition The Main Guard (4 mins)

of Violence

Heather Phillipson

of Violence uses the structure of close-up pillow talk and casual camerawork to engage a dog in intimate digressions. The dog becomes an involuntary participant in human impositions—emotional, physical, linguistic and political.

Co-commissioned by Film London and Channel 4 for Random Acts

Exhibition 57 Marygate (10 mins)

The Hurt Goes On

An analogue foray into a digital world.

Working with Newcastle-based moving image collective Film Bee, 15 young people from Berwick Youth Project have used collective reflection and DIY problem solving to create a series of provocations and installations in the old Clarks shoe shop on Berwick High Street, about reality in a digitalised world, and how the value of images has changed with shifts in technology, particularly social media.

A partnership between Berwick Youth Project, Berwick Visual Arts and Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival.

Saturday 22 September, 2pm

Join the young people and their friends in the exhibition for a Discovery Party and refreshments.

All welcome The Hurt Goes On was produced and created as part of ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme and inspired by the work of artist Douglas Gordon, presented by Berwick Visual Arts at the Gymnasium Gallery in summer 2018.

The ARTIST ROOMS touring programme is delivered by the National Galleries of Scotland and Tate in partnership with Ferens Art Gallery until 2019, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, by Art Fund and by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland

Exhibition New Tower (14 mins)

Consensual Healing

Carolyn Lazard

A conversation between a therapist and their client unfolds as a yellow ball swings back and forth. Replicating simple animations of online EMDR videos used to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Consensual Healing feeds Octavia Butler’s short story 'Bloodchild' through scripted therapeutic protocols, destabilising relations between coercion and consent, form and content, trauma and fiction.

Music by Juliana Huxtable; sound by Marco Gomez

Exhibition Bankhill Ice House (7 mins)

What the Sun Has Seen

Agnieszka Polska

Agnieszka Polska’s unsettling perspective on humanity takes the form of an animated child-faced sun with melancholy eyes. Digitally sourced images paint a frantic image of a crumbling world. From a distance, the sun jokes about environmental issues and comments on the tumultuous times in which the world finds itself. —IFFR

Exhibition Coxon’s Tower (11 mins)

Fainting Spells

Sky Hopinka

Between the dizzying hallucinatory landscapes and circular images of a lens or porthole, Hopinka takes us to a world of dreams, spirits and myths, revealing the story of Xąwįska, the Indian Pipe Plant used by the Ho-Chunk to revive those who have fainted. With abstracted and inverted images Hopinka moves from an editing station into the landscape, illuminating the sense of losing oneself, of fear and renewal. —Ruth Hodgins

Exhibition Gymnasium Gallery (0 mins)

Solvent Magazine

Lucy Clout

Lucy Clout presents a new body of work titled ‘Solvent Magazine’ which includes sculptural and video pieces made during her six-month residency with BFMAF and Berwick Visual Arts. A new film of the same title brings together research about the close readings of bodies. The work uses pleasure and ambiguity as tools to think about the contemporary production of knowledge, evidence and queer reproduction.

Exhibition The Magazine (6 mins)

The Magical State

Sophia Al-Maria

Shot in Colombia, The Magical State depicts the possession of a Wayuu woman by a 40 million year old oil demon. Framed as an interrogation, an off-screen male voice challenges the woman, who gazes back directly into the viewer's eyes, placing a curse on 'man', the species who have woken it from geological time. The violence of natural resource extraction—and the resulting violation of land rights—are reflected in the demon's iridescent-coloured rage and stroboscopic movements.

Exhibition Kaleidoscope (59 Marygate) (0 mins)


Kaleidoscope is a bean-bag cinema and family friendly art space. There is a rolling programme of animated films from Cinekid Festival Amsterdam. Hands-on making activities will be led by artists Katie Chappell and Chloë Smith.