Camera Trap is a comparative video using moving images made a hundred years apart.

Chris Chong Chan Fui
Malaysia, United States
Thu 19/09
10 mins
New Tower

The first half looks at Muybridge as both animal and landscape photographer, compared with the second half which works with current animal camera/video traps from the rainforests of Sabah (Malaysian Borneo). A comparison of domesticated and wild animals. Caged zoo animal sounds to animals in the rainforests. Camera equipment uses then and now. —Chris Chong Chan Fui

Chris Chong Chan Fui

Chris Chong Chan Fui (1972, Malaysia) is an artist and filmmaker whose films have been screened in Directors’ Fortnight (Cannes Film Festival), Wavelengths (TIFF), International Film Festival Rotterdam, Viennale and London Film Festival. He has exhibited works in Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Palais de Tokyo, Eye Filmmuseum, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Singapore Art Museum and Gwangju Biennale. He is a Smithsonian Institute fellow, a Ford Foundation fellow and was awarded the 2019 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Arts Fellowship.


Camera Trap (2019), Badminton Training (2015), HEAVENHELL (2009), KARAOKE (2009), Block B (2008), In Between Light (2008), Kolam/Pool (2007), Tuesday Be My Friend (2006), LET ME START BY SAYING (2001), MUSIC MIGHT HAVE DECEIVED US (2000), Minus (1999), NOTEBOOKS ON LIGHTNING BOLTS & TURNTABLES (1999), Crash Skid Love (1998)