Films by Dani ReStack & Sheilah ReStack, Cooper Battersby & Emily Vey Duke, Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil & Jackson Polys, Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka and Heidrun Holzfeind

History is what's happening. It's constantly unfurling never static and always in flux. Rather than being resigned to it, it's incumbent upon us to shape and mould it into the gooey, slimy substance that we want our world to resemble. The time is now, the place is everywhere, all at once...

Q&A with filmmakers Emily Vey Duke, Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka and Heidrun Holzfeind


Short film 21st Sep · 14:15 (19 mins)

the time is now.

Heidrun Holzfeind

the time is now. is one of two films by Holzfeind about the Japanese shamanic improvisation duo IRO. The couple Shizuko and Toshio Orimo have worked together since 1981. Their music, their activism in the peace and anti-nuclear movement, and their free-spirited way of life reflect an animist and pantheistic worldview that rejects commercialism in all its forms.

Short film 21st Sep · 14:15 (7 mins)

Culture Capture: Terminal Adddition

The New Red Order (Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil & Jackson Polys)

Half tongue-in-cheek absurdism and half deadly earnest, Culture Capture: Terminal Adddition continues the New Red Order’s ongoing project of 'culture capture', recruiting viewers to participate in a program of practical strategies to counter the 'salvage mindset' which sets aside Indigenous culture and sovereignty by consigning it to the past.

Short film 21st Sep · 14:15 (15 mins)


Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka

phenomenon is made from surviving early 1990s Hi8 videotape of ‘schwimmen’, a teenage industrial/noise band from the (then-Soviet) city of Novosibirsk. Shot entirely from and within the seventh-floor apartment where they lived and worked communally, the video ultimately taps into the vital, uncertain energy of the ephemeral ‘paranormal’ space—both historical and metaphorical—where the only metaphor is optical and ‘what happens’ is not an event but an experience. —Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka

Short film 21st Sep · 14:15 (7 mins)


Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka

'The moment we think of the world as disenchanted... we set limits to the ways the past can be narrated.' —Dipesh Chakrabarty

Short film 21st Sep · 14:15 (33 mins)

You Were an Amazement on the Day You Were Born

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby

You Were an Amazement on the Day You Were Born is a visually rich film that follows a woman through a life characterized by damage and loss, but in which she finds humor, love and joy. With a score that follows the span of Lenore’s life—from her birth in the early 1970s to her death in the 2040s—the film takes us from moments of harrowing loss to those of poignancy and dark humor. Her life is told through voice-over, narrated by performers who range in age from nine to sixty-nine, and is beautifully illustrated with images of animals (including humans), insects and landscapes.

The film features Rebecca Manley who has acted in Clio Barnard's The Selfish Giant, the series This is England 86, 88 and 90, and Channel 4's recent adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. —Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby

Short film 21st Sep · 14:15 (8 mins)

Come Coyote

Dani ReStack & Sheilah ReStack

Come Coyote is the second chapter in the trilogy Strangely Ordinary This Devotion (SOTD) by Dani and Sheilah ReStack. Come Coyote continues their investigation of environment, queer desire, motherhood, reproduction and collaboration. This eight-minute video brings together moments culled from our own life, fabricated scenes and footage from friends, artists and filmmakers. One of the central themes in this chapter is the idea of reproduction and its implications—the reality/fantasy of both the logistics and technology of queer reproduction, as well as the differences in our individual commitment and the energetic differentials this produces. —Dani ReStack & Sheilah ReStack