Films by Leonor Noivo and Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

No human is an island. Two short films of grand vision—and great difference—follow their lone protagonists as they negotiate between inner and outer worlds. From the barren but hauntingly militaristic island of Lemnos to a verdant Portuguese forest, both humans rearrange fugitive blocks of cunning and experience to find their point of view.

Q&A with filmmakers Leonor Noivo, Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky


Short film 22nd Sep · 14:00 (45 mins)

Back to 2069

Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Back to 2069 looks at the eroded landscape of the Greek militarized Aegean island Lemnos, a political space where a myth meets contemporary concerns upon the relation of virtual and real image production. On the island, a solitary man shape-shifts from argonaut to avatar through various hallucinations, experiencing different states of embodiment and disembodiment. Although he exiled himself from Athens to escape the crisis, past and future scenarios of conflict are gradually catching up on him. What appears to be a fiction is made out of documentary footage that interweaves the man's venture on the island with recorded Arma 3 video-game sessions from Youtube. —Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Short film 22nd Sep · 14:00 (40 mins)


Leonor Noivo

Cunning and slender, harassed and on the run, Reynard is a metaphor of a never ending obsession with each breath, each gesture, each thought. Marta seeks in the emptiness of her body a way to arrive to her inner essence, in an abstract search of a free spirit that might end in her own enclosure. —Leonor Noivo