Berwick New Cinema Features

In 2019 Berwick New Cinema expands to incorporate feature and mid-length films. All are guaranteed to surprise, entertain and bring fresh perspectives on the art of film.

Feature film 19th Sep · 14:45 (40 mins)

Holy Days

Narimane Mari

Holy Days pictures a strange ballet of both human and non-human animals in a rural landscape. The film opens with a man digging his own grave, only to soon find solace in a mysterious companion.

Feature film 19th Sep · 19:30 (85 mins)

Opening Film: Cemetery

Carlos Casas

After a devastating earthquake, Nga, an old elephant and probably the last of its species, and Sanra his mahout are about to embark on a journey to find the mythical elephant’s graveyard. A group of poachers follow them closely, while a journey of discovery and mourning starts. The viewer becomes the protagonist on a sonic trip into the cemetery and beyond.

Q&A with filmmaker Carlos Casas

UK premiere of Cemetery presented jointly by BFMAF and Tate Modern

Feature film 20th Sep · 19:45 (105 mins)

I Was at Home, But

Angela Schanelec

After living wild for a week, Astrid’s 13-year-old son Phillip returns home without saying a word. Only gradually does everyday life get back on track. Astrid now finds herself confronted with questions that provide a whole new perspective on her middle-class existence and her career in Berlin’s cultural sector. At home, it becomes more and more difficult for this single mother to accept that her son is leading his own life. The family may be disintegrating, but only to form itself anew.

Supported by Goethe-Institut London

Feature film 21st Sep · 19:30 (276 mins)

The Halt

Lav Diaz

The Halt is set in a phantasmagoric dystopian future where madmen control Manila after massive volcanic eruptions have plunged Southeast Asia into darkness. Berlin, Venice and Locarno award-winning director Lav Diaz’s latest film is a potent sci-fi epic. Holding a mirror to present-day despots and invasive surveillance, it concentrates power in the hands of a solitary young woman. Spinning a tale that urges recovery from collective cultural amnesia, The Halt is an immersive and truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Introduction by filmmaker Lav Diaz

There will be a 15 minute interval during the screening

Feature film 22nd Sep · 20:00 (76 mins)

Closing Film: Rights of Man

Juan Rodrigáñez

The Great Indomitable Circus prepares the premiere of their new performance ‘Rights of Man’. Setting up tent in a sleepy northern Spanish town, they devise changes in the style of their show. But their days become mired in meandering vaudevillian arguments, analysing the grandeur of the landscape, the simplicity of the native architecture or the quality of each other’s performances. After much back-and-forth, they end up sticking to their original script.

Introduction by filmmaker Juan Rodrigañez

The film will be preceded by the 2019 Berwick New Cinema Competition award presentation