Lionel Soukaz is a pivotal figure in European queer cinema: a filmmaker, collaborator with queer theorist Guy Hocquenghem and organiser of the first festivals of Cinémas Différents in France. Combining the pop cultural ironies of Jack Smith and Kenneth Anger with protest cinema, his films target the norms of heterosexual and homosexual culture alike, calling for the end of identity and the free reign of desire. Writer/curator Paul Clinton presents two works by Soukaz with an illustrated lecture.

Royal Opera, 1979, France, 24 mins
The fourth and final section of Soukaz’s feature-length essay on the history of modern homosexuality (Race d’Ep), Royal Opera finds his collaborator Hocquenghem protagonist of a story taking place in present-day, both in a gay bar and out on the streets of Paris.

IXE, 1980, France, 45 mins
The title of Soukaz’s controversial film IXE could be under- stood multiply as the French pronunciation of the letter X; the X rating of a pornographic or otherwise objectionable film; or a violent shout: “EEKS!”. IXE is a reaction to Race d’Ep’s censorship in which Soukaz pushes extremes in all directions.


Short film 21st Sep · 17:00 (45 mins)


Lionel Soukaz

"Ixe (written X and pronounced EEKS - as it is pronounced in French - like a scream, a wound) is an imploded, crucified film. X is drawn and quartered. At the four points of the compass, at the four ends of the cross, War, Sex, Religion and Drugs." —Guy Hocquenghem

Short film 21st Sep · 17:00 (24 mins)

Royal Opera

Lionel Soukaz

Part 4 of Lionel Soukaz's feature Race d'Ep (1979).