phenomenon is made from surviving early 1990s Hi8 videotape of ‘schwimmen’, a teenage industrial/noise band from the (then-Soviet) city of Novosibirsk. Shot entirely from and within the seventh-floor apartment where they lived and worked communally, the video ultimately taps into the vital, uncertain energy of the ephemeral ‘paranormal’ space—both historical and metaphorical—where the only metaphor is optical and ‘what happens’ is not an event but an experience. —Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka

phenomenon attends to the possibility of rendering sensible the psycho-somatic manifestations of a historical moment alongside its material support. The film indirectly maps the conditions pertaining to the imminent collapse of the Soviet Union and the infra-perceptible atmospheres surrounding it. It represents a coming into being of a specific time and place, as well as a conjuring of the ambiental tonalities of an obsolete material reality: the hi8 analog video format and the material conditions of socialism. Departing from the conception of the archival as disembodied, phenomenon resurrects the energetic fields embedded into its footage, animating the electrostatic vibrations immanent to the archival record, its residual excess of meaning as well as its resistant opacity. — Letitia Calin

Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka

Sid Iandovka (based in New York) and Anya Tsyrlina (based in Basel) are Siberia-born visual artists with backgrounds in electronic music and new media, whose current collaborative projects combine the structural and material concerns of experimental cinema with documentary and archival practices. Their moving image work has been screened at film festivals and venues, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Viennale, European Media Arts Festival, Videoex, Bildrauch, Moscow International Experimental Film Fesival, Haus der elektronischen Kunste Basel and Anthology Film Archives.