BFMAF’s popular series of seminars provide an informal space of communication between artists and audiences.

Seminar 20th Sep · 10:30 (75 mins)

Animistic Apparatus 1: Ecologies and Art in Southeast Asia

Meet Animistic Apparatus’s featured artists. In this conversational session Lucy Davis, Chris Chong and Tanatchai Bandasak talk about their artistic engagement with ecology, cosmology, and the politics of environment and land in Southeast Asia. May Adadol Ingawanij introduces the project’s speculative method of exploring animistic relations and artists’ moving image.

Seminar 21st Sep · 10:30 (60 mins)

Animistic Apparatus 2: Art is Addressing Spirits

Hear tales of what happens when the projector light beam goes outside into animistic spaces. In this storytelling session, George Clark, Sheryl Cheung, Xia Lin, Mary Pansanga, Julian Ross and others recount their recent experiments with projecting and performing at potent sites in proximity with spirits in Thailand and Taiwan.

Seminar 22nd Sep · 10:30 (60 mins)

Marwa Arsanios

From research to writing, through performance and film, this seminar led by BFMAF 2019 Artist in Profile Marwa Arsanios follows the different stages of building a work—from the act of reading and writing to performing a text out loud to an audience and in front of the camera.