"In ancient China the tiger skin represented 'continuous change'.  In the Maya’s world, Bolom Chon’s (jaguar) hide, allowed the constellations to be read: the cosmos’ dance."


In 7FF on¢idia Rio de Janeiro FIFA World Cup mascot Fuleco becomes a cipher for the mutation of indigenous people's symbols through public art and commerce, becoming viral. Other fluxes alluded to are the surplus value of code through a world of commodities, bit coins and mountains of data. 7FF on¢idia ushers us into encounters which are fleeting and leave questions unanswered—all the more reason to watch again. 

“The modern theory of mutations has clearly demonstrated that a code, which necessarily relates to a population, has an essential margin of decoding: not only does every code have supplements capable of free variation, but a single segment may be copied twice, the second copy left free for variation. In addition, fragments of code may be transferred from the cells of one species to those of another, Man and Mouse, Monkey and Cat, by viruses or through other procedures. This involves not translation between codes (viruses are not translators) but a singular phenomenon we call surplus value of code, or side-communication.”

Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guatarri — A Thousand Plateaus — Capitalism and Schizophrenia


Ж was born in São Paulo, in 1983. Graduated in social science, and trained as a director of photography at Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo (ECA), Buenos Aires. In 2012 Ж was awarded a scholarship in Visual Arts at Universidad de las Artes, Buenos Aires. In 2012 obtained a fellowship from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to develop his film-installation: 'Revém Natura' in Mexico.

Ж has worked as a co-programmer for Imagem-Pensamento in Bcúbico and programmer for Mostra Socioambiental de FIlmes, and Dobra International Experimental Cinema Festival in Rio de Janeiro's Cinemateca.

His works have been screened in festivals and solo and group exhibitions including: CCCB Barcelona-Spain (collection); Museo San Telmo-San Sebastián; Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo- Montevideo, Cantor Gallery-Massachusetts - USA; Visarts- Frame & Frequency 3- Rockville- USA; CCEG-Guatemala; Casa das Rosas- São Paulo; Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS) São Paulo; Dobra Festival Internacional do Cinema Experimental Rio de Janeiro; 19 Fest Curtas BH- Belo Horizonte; Arte Contexto-Multimedia Plataform (text); [.BOX] Videoart Project- Italy; La Quimera Córdoba, El Ojo Inquieto Buenos Aires; MADATAC, Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid; La Darsena in Buenos Aires (solo); Sala Nordeste, Recife.

In 2013 Ж founded .txt with Carla Lombardo .txt. .txt are currently working on a portuguese translation of Jonas Mekas' "Daybooks" and a spanish translation of Aspiro ao Grande Labirinto by Helio Oiticica.


7FF on¢idia (2016), ACASO_OSASCO (2016), EXTRATERRITORIAL (2015), KOlOSSOI OI (2014), Revém Natura (2012), ∆ k ∆ ∑ ∆ r j ∑ n (2011)