Somewhere in the dreary nooks of Mumbai's film industry, between star-cult, superstition and daily gridlock, Camera Threat explores the ambivalent, sometimes paranoid relationship the Indian film capital has with the moving image.

On a casting couch two actors are trapped in the side effects of a world that no longer bothers to tell facts from fiction.

Camera Threat was created within the constraints of the so-called ‘Masala Formula’ popularly known from Indian cinema.

Bernd Lützeler

Bernd Lützeler (1967, Düsseldorf) lives and works as an artist and filmmaker between Berlin and Mumbai. In his works he explores techniques of moving image production and presentation in relation to their form and perception. Loops, found footage and jugaad (DIY) technologies are an integral part of his films and expanded cinema works. His travels to Mumbai have had a strong impact on his work that often looks into the aesthetics of popular Indian cinema and television within the urban context. His films have been shown at venues and festivals worldwide, including Centre Pompidou, Rotterdam Film Festival, Berlinale, San Francisco Cinematheque, Views from the Avant-Garde and many more. Bernd is an active member of the artist-run analogue filmlab LaborBerlin.


Camera Threat (2017), Ein Tonfilm (2017), Fultu Faltu Filim (2017), Batagur Baska (2016), Nola's salon, (2014), Traveling with Maxim Gorkiy (2014) K0 (2011), The Voice of God (2011), Rapid Eye Love (2005), True Love is just Filmi, (2003), The Suspect Usual, (1998), Eternal Showdown (1998), Schallmann (1996), Loop-o-Rama (1995-2000), Rauschlitanei (1993)