Mary Helena Clark
United States
Fri 22/09
19 mins
The Maltings Henry Travers Studio

Testing the limits of identification with the camera’s point of view, Delphi Falls cycles through multiple subjectivities, misusing traditional narrative conventions - the suggestion of a story, the anchoring of actors as characters - and has the viewer constantly questioning who or what they are. Mary Helena Clark uses film languages to articulate a dispersed agency, to reimagine the line between sentient and inanimate, self and other.

Mary Helena Clark

Mary Helena Clark is an artist working in film, video, and installation. Her work uses the language of collage, often bringing together disparate subjects and styles that suggest an exterior logic or code, to explore dissociative states through cinema. Working with quotation, the materiality of film, and incongruous sound/image relationships, Clark’s recent work explores shifting subjectivities and the limits of the embodied camera. Her films, such as After Writing (2008), And the sun flowers (2009), Sound Over Water (2009), By foot-candle light (2011), The Plant (2012), Orpheus (outtakes) (2012) and The Dragon is the Frame (2014), have been screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), Anthology Film Archives (New York), Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago), National Gallery of Art (Washington DC), and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, among others. Delphi Falls Premiered at the 2017 Whitney Biennial.


Delphi Falls (2017), Untitled (Meisner Technique) (2015), Palms (2015), The Dragon is the Frame (2014), The Plant (2012), Orpheus (outtakes) (2012), By foot-candle light (2011), While You Were Sleeping (2010), Sound Over Water (2009), And The Sun Flowers (2008), After Writing (2007)