DISINTEGRATION 93-96 is an essay film about the undocumented Filipino American experience, retracing connections between 90s home movie nostalgia, post-colonial identity, and the disintegration of traditional family models.

A pop-culture meditation on hyper-consumerism and cultural erasure. Filmmaker Miko Revereza problematises the personal questions linked with global implications, specifically the act of recording a film document without the possession of living documents.

Miko Revereza

Miko Revereza is an award-winning experimental film and video artist based in Los Angeles. Since relocating from Manila as a child, he has been living illegally in the United States for over 20 years. This struggle and exile from his homeland has influenced the content of Miko’s personal films that explore themes of diaspora, colonialism and Americanization. He also makes music videos and live video art installations for LA’s experimental music scene.


INDEPENDENCIA 86: The Lost Film of Arturo Madlangbayan (2015), co-directed with Raya Martin, DROGA! (2014)