"Dear grandma, you’ll be surprised to hear my voice in your language…'"

In Oumoun Brussels filmmaker Fairuz Ghammam plays the recording of a spoken letter that was never sent to her elderly grandmother in Mahdia, Tunisia. 

In the company of the camera, the lines become a voice over, as we witness a dialogue across languages, across cultures, across generations.

Fairuz Ghammam

Fairuz is a visual enthusiast who lives and works in Brussels. She graduated as an experimental filmmaker and works as an editor, cinematographer and co-director in cinema beyond genres and formats. She equally loves well balanced high-def shots and user generated lo-fi trash, as well as analogue visual experiments, as long as the poetry shines through. She works on an irregular basis for the Brussels based production and distribution platform Auguste Orts. She had some cinematic adventures with Sven Augustijnen in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with Sofie Benoot along the Mississippi and at home with Herman Asselberghs, whose recent film ‘For Now’ (2017) she shot and edited (this film marks their 10th collaboration, for now).

She considers the film ‘Oumoun’ (2017), which she made in collaboration with her brother, as her debut.


Oumoun (2017)