Wilson left home in Medellin (Colombia) on his way to Bogota but never arrived at his destination. Thirty years later, after peace agreements with the FARC have drastically altered his home country, he returns from exile in London to meet his family who believed him dead. Wilson’s plane journey shapes a parable inspired by a poem by (Columbian poet) Porfirio Barba Jacob.

Juan Soto

After graduating from the three-year regular course of Documentary Filmmaking at the International Film and Television School (EICTV) in Cuba, Juan Soto moved to London where he works as a freelance film editor and AV Technician.

Parable of the Return (2016) premiered at Márgenes Film Festival in December 2016, and was awarded the Numax Exhibition Prize.

Soto is currently working on a new film entitled, Sundays.


Parable of the Return (2016), Study on Reflections (2014), Too Late for the Cinema (2013), Snow (2012), 19º South 65º West (2010), The Light Bulb (2009)