The Bodyguard follows its characters through arid, rocky steppes and snow-capped mountains. 

Ali Khamraev
Sun 24/09
90 mins
The Maltings Cinema

When a Soviet Red Army detachment captures Sultan Mazar, the brains behind the rebel Basmachi movement (which saw the Muslims of Central Asia rise up against the Soviets following the 1917 Revolution), a decision is made to urgently escort the prisoner to the Bukhara province. This difficult mission is entrusted to Mirzo, a grizzled mountain trapper and conscientious revolutionary. His expertise is essential to traverse the precarious paths and steep mountain ridges along the way, impossible terrain for the inexperienced. Mirzo and his crew lead Sultan Mazar, his daughter Zaranghis and slave Saifulla on this journey, pursued doggedly along the way by Fattobeck, the ruthless new head of the Basmachis. They are forced to fight on the mountain ridges while also negotiating natural dangers and harsh elements along the way.

Ali Khamraev

A prominent director of the Soviet thaw generation, Khamraev's films resonate with the artistic adventurousness and intellectual curiosity of his sixties contemporaries Tarkovsky and Paradzhanov. After graduating from VGIK in 1961, he began a prolific career that was highlighted by several internationally renowned films, including White Cranes, Extraordinary Commissar, and The Seventh Bullet-- one of the most widely seen Central Asian films of all time. Beyond his native Uzbekistan, Khamraev also directed films in Tajikstan, Russia, and Afghanistan, and his belated return to directing-- Bo Ba Bu --was an Italian co-production that featured an eclectic cast of Central Asian characters to embody the former Soviet republics at the end of the last century.


Passion of Igor Savitsky (2015), The Artists/ Artisty (2007), A Place Under the Sun (2004), Bo Ba Bu (1998), Who is Insane?/ Kim jinni? (1992), The Garden of Desires/ Sad zhelaniy (1987), I Remember You/ Ya tebya pomnyu (1985), A Bride from Vuodil/ Nevesta iz Vuadilya (1984), Hot Summer in Kabul/ Zharkoye leto v Kabule (1983), Triptych/ Triptikh (1979), The Bodyguard/ Telokhranitel (1979), Gody bratstva i ispytanij. Uzbekistan 1941-45 (1976), Man Follows Birds/ Chelovek ukhodit za ptitsami (1975), The Fan/ Poklonnik (1975), Lenin and Uzbekistan/ Lenin i Uzbekistan (1974), The Seventh Bullet/ Sedmaya pulya (1972), Lenin and Turkestan/ Lenin i Turkestan (1971), Without Fear/Bez strakha (1971), The Extraordinary Commissar/ Chrezvychainyj komissar (1970), The Red Sands/ Kransye peski (1968), Dilorom (1967), Babushka, pyati tysyach vnukov (1967), White, White Storks/ Belyye, belyye aisty (1966), Yor-yor/ Gde ty, moya Zulfiya? (1964), Does He/She Love or Not? (1964), The First Confession/ Pervoye priznaniye (1963), Where There is Much Sun/ Tam, gde mnogo solntsa (1962), Salom, 'Bahor'! (1962), Short Stories About Children Who.../ Malenkiye istorij o detyakh, kotorye... (1961)