A dynamic selection of artists' films that encourages us to rethink our complex relationship with the sea.

Other screenings in Ultramarine

Feature film 20th Sep · 20:00 (68 mins)

Opening Gala: Battleship Potempkin

Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin is a landmark of cinema. BFMAF presents a hypnotic new restoration accompanied by Edmund Meisel's flamboyant full orchestral 1926 score. The film dramatises a mutiny that occurred in 1905 when the crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin rebelled against their officers. 

Battleship Potemkin launches the Festival, and its thematic programme Ultramarine: The Sea as Political Space which will be introduced by Ilona Jurkonytė, Artistic Director of Kaunas International Film Festival, Lithuania.

If you only ever see one silent film, this is the one it should be. A masterpiece.
Empire Magazine

Feature film 21st Sep · 14:30 (73 mins)

Evaporating Borders

Iva Radivojevic

Originally from Yugoslavia and an immigrant to Cyprus, Iva Radivojevic investigates the effects of large-scale immigration on the sense of national identity in one of the easiest ports of entry into Fortress Europe. Poetically photographed and rendered, the film passionately weaves the themes of migration, tolerance, identity and belonging.

Feature film 21st Sep · 17:30 (68 mins)


Kamal Aljafari

From dozens of Israeli and American feature films that were shot in Jaffa between the 1960s and 1990s, Kamal Aljafari resurrects memories and dreams.

An important port, and once one of Palestine's most culturally and commercially important cities, most Palestinians were uprooted following the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. With little irony, the town and its ruins later provided the perfect set for action films such as Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin's Delta Force (1986). 

With Recollection Kamal Aljafari, dives into these unlikely films' footage, concentrating on the ghosts and traces in the background, excavating memories and recreating a city which is lost.

Feature film 24th Sep · 15:30 (94 mins)


Helena Wittmann

Two women spend a weekend in the North Sea. One of them will soon return to her family in Argentina, whereas the other one will try to come a step closer to the ocean. She will cross the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing vessel. Time leaves the beaten track and the swell lulls to deep sleep. The sea takes over the narration. When the other one reappears, the wind is still in her hair while the ground beneath her feet is solid. She returns and the other one could ask: 'Have you changed?'

Short Film Programme 22nd Sep · 15:00 (55 mins)

Ultramarine: Disfigured Mermaids

Disfigured Mermaids is a dynamic selection of artists' films that reimagine our complex relationship with the sea.