WHAT’S THE DAMAGE is a proposition and provocation, answering back to ongoing crises under white patriarchy, relaying and augmenting feelings and gestures of chronic unease, protest and dissent. 

Phillipson’s summons and riposte is given vital form through representations of the most livid and enriched substance, menstrual blood, rising up against leadership circle-jerks, over-groomed toupees, environmental catastrophes, weeping vortexes, seared orang-utans, animal-fat banknotes, and advancing supermoons, pizzas and drones. WHAT’S THE DAMAGE layers multiple digital and physical primal, intergalactic scenes, until, maybe, the whole world is dyed the same potent hue, even the sky.

Heather Phillipson

Heather Phillipson works across video, sculpture, drawing, music, text and live events. Through collisions of image, noise, objects, language and bodies, Phillipson's videos and sculptural installations behave as places, musical scores, poems and nervous systems. She has recently held solo shows at Whitechapel Gallery, London; Images Festival, Toronto and the 32nd Sao Paolo Biennale (all 2016). Her work was featured as part of Frieze New York's Frieze Projects Programme (2016) and she has also produced moving image commissions for Channel 4 Television's Random Acts strand and The Arts Council collection, as part of their 70th birthday celebrations. Phillipson is also an award-winning poet, with publications by Faber and Faber, Bloodaxe and Penned in the Margins, and was named a Next Generation Poet in 2014.