Áine O’Dwyer & Graham Lambkin will show a new video work made during a residency on the island of Syros along with a live performance in Berwick’s Church of the Holy Trinity.

Ireland, United Kingdom
Sat 23/09
60 mins
Berwick Parish Church

O’Dwyer and Lambkin are multi-disciplinary artists whose work explores the nexus between music, text, illustration, theatre, and the dissolution of the audience/performer divide. Both individually and in collaboration they have explored the latent potential of acoustical space, transforming both fantastical and mundane environments into aesthetic centrums of possibility.

They began their collaborative endeavours in 2016 with a performance at the First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn, NY, and have since gone on to present their work at Cafe OTO, Horse Hospital, and most recently on the Greek island of Syros where they were the invited artists in residence for Sound Paths.

Curated by Muckle Mouth

Church of the Holy Trinity

Berwick Parish Church or Holy Trinity was built in 1650, during the English Civil War. While it was being built, Oliver Cromwell passed through Berwick on his way to the Battle of Dunbar and advised against adding a tower which would have been too ‘churchy’ for Puritan sensibilities.