School Screenings Programme

Each year the Festival works with local schools to deliver a school screening programme. In 2019, BFMAF held a Fantastika Shorts for Years 12 and 13 featuring Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles, Busójáráskor, The Cat, The Ring of King Koda and Strange Creatures. The Middle School screening was When The Cat Comes, and we presented to the Lower School Shorts for Middle Ones from the Discovery Festival, DCA.

In 2019 BFMAF also presented Kaleidoscope, a beanbag cinema that presented a rolling programme of animated films from Cinekid Festival Amsterdam. The event included hands-on making activities be led by artists Katie Chappell and Chloe Smith.

Artist Katie Chappell led a Ghost Drawing Workshop inspired by ghost stories, international folk tales and myths drawn from Chile, Taiwan and other key places explored in the BFMAF Gymnasium Gallery exhibition George Clark: Double Ghosts.

In 2018, BFMAF delivered a school screening programme for 13 first, middle and high schools. The high school students watched Jîn by Turkish filmmaker Reha Erdem and with an introduction and conversation with film curator Dr. Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn from University of Westminster.

The middle school students watched The Breadwinner with an introduction from animator Robin Webb, and the First School students watched Shorts for Middle Ones, a programme of short animation films also introduced by Robin Webb.

The school screening programme is kindly supported by the Wellesley Trust Fund at the Community Foundation.

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